Our Quality Guarantee

Let us help……….

-Have you ever wondered how to begin a remodeling job?

-For once, don’t you want to find a reliable remodeling contractor in the Buffalo & Western New York area?

-Have you questioned how to get that space, whether it be kitchen, bathroom, basement or addition, to be what you and your family need?

-Do you dream of an environment that’s well-designed, to help you get to work on time?

-Have you ever become frustrated because you just don’t know where to begin?


Our Quality Guarantee:

Our team has the experience to create the home renovation projects you’ve always dreamed of at a fair price to you.

We’ve been around …. we know you have a budget, and you shouldn’t have to compromise that for a job well done.

We have the education, background and integrity to efficiently renovate projects as big as a whole house and as small as a simple repairs. Whatever your needs….

We remove the burden of stress from you, the client; this places the stress where it belongs, on the shoulders of a unified and experienced professional team.

You can expect:

  • (2) Two year warranty on workmanship
  • Creative thinking, detailed planning and exceptional project management
  • We know how important your home is to you and will respect it as if its our own
  • No matter what your needs, Creative Remodeling Services will provide the expertise and dedication to maximize your home’s beauty and function
  • We’re your first point of contact- before, during and beyond your construction
  • Our long histroy together has given us the opportunity and education to combine our many different talents, giving you quality craftsmanship, a realistic vision of what your project will be and a budget that is manageable

We will replace the frustration and headaches normally associated in remodeling with:

  • Constant communication
  • Easy to follow construction documents
  • An environment with minimal stress
  • A reassurance that your home is in safe hands

To quote Aristotle: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work!”